Linda Harrison – PR Consultant & Copywriter


I spent more than ten years working as a staff journalist in national and regional newspaper newsrooms, so I understand how important it is to get the right story at the right time – and to get it in front of the right person.

I use my experience and excellent contacts to help my clients tell their story, communicate their message and successfully raise their profile.

Most of my clients are small businesses. I’ve secured interviews for them with Sky News, Radio 4’s You & Yours and BBC Radio Essex. Clients have also featured in The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express, and The Independent plus Good Housekeeping, Mother & Baby, Saga and Spirit & Destiny magazine. In addition, they’re regularly quoted in local newspapers, on trade and consumer websites and on social media.

I also work with some amazing PR and marketing agencies, including Quest PR in Harrogate and Rhizome Media in London, securing high profile press coverage for the businesses they represent.

In addition, I offer a copywriting service, crafting creative, targeted copy for small businesses and organisations such as Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce.


The services I offer include:

• Writing press releases

• Pitching my strong network of contacts in the national and local press

• Web and advertising copywriting

• Proofreading website content

• Writing blog posts for clients

• Managing clients’ twitter accounts



If you’re looking for competitive rates with an excellent (and speedy) return on investment, I recently launched a range of PR offers and packages aimed at supporting smaller businesses and organisations:

• One-to-one PR advice clinic: £50

An hour on the phone with me where you can ask advice on anything connected with your PR ideas or plans. This could be figuring out your story, what type of media you should target, how to get media interest in your business, how to ‘pitch’ (suggest/sell) your story or information to them, or what to expect if your story is picked up.

• Where to send your story: £50

I’ll research and provide you with a list of the top ten relevant publications or media organisations to pitch your story or press release to, be it national or local press, newspapers, magazines, online, TV or radio.

• Contacts: £100

Half the battle in securing PR coverage for your company is getting your press release in front of the right contact. Journalists are inundated with PR enquiries on a daily basis – so you have to make your idea really stand out. I’ll use my experience in the media industry to find the best contact at each of the ten publications or media organisations you decide to target. I’ll then pitch your story or press release to them. I’ll also follow up on the pitch twice for you over a two to four week period by email or phone – and send you the feedback.

 A Press Release: £200

Following a detailed discussion about the message or story you wish to publicise, I’ll write you a press release. I’ll also work with you to review and edit the release if necessary.

• Twitter: £50

Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool but it can be time consuming for a small business. I’ll run your twitter account, dedicating 30 minutes every day for one week to promoting your business or brand on social media. Just think, that’s half an hour of your valuable time you’ll get back EVERY DAY for a whole week…


So whether you’re a PR or marketing agency that needs an extra pair of freelance hands or a small business looking to increase your media coverage – please get in touch!


Email me:

Call 07788 710556

Follow me on twitter: @LindHarrison



“Linda hits the ground running. She takes a brief, we trust her to manage the work appropriately and she provides just what we’re after every time. She handles PR opportunities with aplomb and hits the spot on delivery and quality. We know clients are in good hands with Linda and it is always a pleasure to work with her. We highly recommend her.” Kendra Grahame-Clarke, director, Kendra PR 


‘Linda has an excellent eye for a story and we value her expertise in areas spanning writing, proof reading and pitching stories to the national media. She works fast and effectively, takes great pride in her work – and gets results.’ Sharon Cain, managing director, Quest Public Relations


‘Linda is an excellent copywriter and it is also a pleasure to work with her. She is resourceful, clever and full of energy. At Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce we often want to get across complicated messages for a variety of audiences. Linda’s thoughtful and insightful approach enables her to tackle this without a problem.’ Sarah Springford, director, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce


‘Linda is a pleasure to work with. She has made it her business to understand the environment in which I work and she is prompt and accurate. Linda is also responsive and determined, which is exactly what is needed in getting material in front of journalists and editors.’ PR client David Barton, motoring lawyer